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A Bad Start for our 2023 Growing Season

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Battling Hailstorms: A Story of Resilience in Our Garden


Gardening can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it's not without its challenges. As enthusiastic gardeners, we embarked on a journey to cultivate a diverse range of plants, including 95 pumpkin plants, 36 tomato varieties, 28 chili varieties, as well as wildflowers and herbs. However, nature had a different plan for us. A devastating hailstorm on May 26th wiped out all our hard work, leaving us disheartened but determined to start over. In this blog post, we will recount our experiences, share our setbacks, and highlight our resilience as we continue to battle hailstorms and replant our beloved garden.

The calm before the storm. We were doing orders in our shed when the rain started turning into small hail.

The Unfortunate Hailstorm:

On that fateful day, we watched helplessly as a seemingly harmless drizzle of hailstones turned into a destructive onslaught. What started off as small, marble-sized hailstones quickly grew in size and intensity, pummeling our garden for a relentless six minutes. The aftermath was devastating; our thriving plants were reduced to tatters, a mere shadow of their former glory.

Our front lot where the hail started coming down quicker

Resilience in the Face of Adversity:

While the hailstorm dealt us a heavy blow, it did not break our spirits. Determined to see our garden flourish once again, we immediately sprang into action. We direct sowed seeds into the mounds, hoping to salvage what we could. Unfortunately, our efforts were thwarted by an unexpected foe - the squirrels. These mischievous creatures saw an opportunity amidst our vulnerability and ravaged the newly planted seeds.

A short video a couple of hours after the hail destroyed our pumpkins, chilis, tomatoes, flowers, and herbs. It had been melting for a couple of hours so it was slightly bigger than in the video.

Starting Over Indoors:

Undeterred, we decided to change our approach. We gathered our remaining strength and restarted our pumpkin, squash, herb, and tomato varieties indoors. Creating a controlled environment allowed us to protect the tender seedlings from the relentless hailstorms and squirrels that seemed to haunt our garden. Patience became our virtue as we nurtured these seedlings, eagerly awaiting the day we could transplant them and see new life emerge from the soil.

Ongoing Battle with Hailstorms:

As we progressed with our indoor seedlings, we faced the recurring challenge of hailstorms. Despite our best efforts to shield the transplants with containers, the hail still managed to break through, leaving us in search of alternative solutions. It is here that we invite you, our fellow gardeners and readers, to share your experiences and ideas in the comments section below. Together, we can explore innovative methods to protect our beloved plants from these relentless hailstorms.


Our journey in the face of adversity has taught us the true meaning of resilience. While the hailstorms tested our patience and resolve, they did not break our spirit. Through replanting, learning from setbacks, and engaging with the gardening community, we continue to find hope and inspiration. We eagerly await the day when we can update you on the successful transplantation and growth of our plants. In the meantime, we will keep fighting, armed with determination and the unwavering belief that our garden will once again thrive, defying the odds and proving that nature's challenges are no match for the human spirit.

Do you typically get hailstorms in your area throughout spring and summer?

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  • No

  • Not so much anymore

  • Yes, and it's getting worse

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