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The following countries require a Phytosanitary Certificate for seed importation. We cannot provide a Phytosanitary Certificate at this time. We can ship to the following countries, but with limitations on some items. These items have additional requirements or testing that we cannot for the sake of time and financially provide at this time. These are items we cannot ship to your area, but we are still able to ship items not defined below. 

Rules and regulations for international shipping

Certain Countries and areas restrict specific commodities or will only allow commodities to clear customs before making it to their destination. Seeds are regulated by agricultural entities in each country. Most countries do not allow for the import of seeds, others may have strict restrictions on specific kinds of seeds. To remain in compliance with other countries, we cannot ship to countries with seed restrictions.


Phytosanitary Certification and Import Permit (Not available)

Most countries require an Import Permit and a Phytosanitary Certificate for importation. An Import Permit must be obtained from the importing country's Ministry of Agriculture. If the Import Permit includes any requirements for lab tests, fungicide treatments, or field inspections, we financially and time-wise cannot satisfy these requirements. The permit application fee, export fee, and permit fee can be costly for each country. We would also need to include a Phytosanitary certificate for each order which is an additional fee. Because of this, we cannot ship outside of Canada and the U.S.

Phytosanitary Certification and Import Permit On specific items

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