Updated: Aug 1

Everything is in full swing! Sunflowers are opening, pumpkins are producing blossoms, we have some summer squash ready, and lots of stuff growing! We have been very fortunate not to have 6-7 bad hail storms by now. We are, however, unfortunate to have higher than normal temperatures and less rain than what we are accustomed to. Our pumpkin patch is suffering, but we are trying to pull through. Extra compost, extra mulch, and trying to water 2-3 times per day, etc. We will see how it goes but we do have some pumpkin updates.

End Of July update video

We are hoping by August we will have some pumpkins, tomatoes, chilis, and more flowers to show you. If you have any questions about your seeds or any questions about what you see featured in the videos, please message us, we are always happy to help.

Is the hotter than normal temperatures impacting your gardens as well?

What tips and tricks do you have to help others who may be dealing with the heat? Have you found any plants or vegetables you are growing to be tolerant of the heat?

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Updated: Jul 31

This is our first July garden update

We are excited to show everyone what we have growing. We have been keeping up on orders between our website and Etsy shop so we are making an effort to get caught up on our garden updates for July. While we have had some great successes, we have run into some mitigation issues we are handling.

Our flowers are blooming, and the tomatoes and summer squash looks amazing. 2 of our larger raised beds have an overgrowth of morning glories that may impact the growth of some of our more rare pumpkins (Yokohama and kikuza). These seeds are hard to come by so we need these guys to grow so we can have them available for the 2023 growing season for everyone. In addition, we will have part two and update everyone on the pumpkin patch. We had 1 very large sunflower pop up as a volunteer last year and while we loved its company, it reseeded we have a huge infestation in our patch and the pumpkins are getting blocked out so once we tidy up the patch we will have an update soon.

In the meantime, I put together a short video to show everyone our "tomato village" where we are growing 28 tomato varieties, our summer squash container garden, with the exception of some dwarf winter squash varieties (butterscotch butternut squash and butter bush mini butternut squash). These are both container varieties of butternut squash that will thrive even in a 5-gallon container, they're available if you would like to learn more.

We have showcased some of the flowers that are just now blooming. The next update will have or herb. garden, pumpkin patch update, chili update, gourd tunnel, squash tunnel, and a daytime video of the main garden.

Something new content for our customers!

We added a resources / free stuff tab at the top of our homepage. Some of the fun additions include tea recipes you can make from everyday herbs and flowers from your garden, how to build a scarecrow, videos by my friend Brian from Next Level Gardening on how to maximize tomato yields as well as how to build a bamboo trellis, a 4 step downloadable pdf on how to build a scarecrow, a printable template to create your own seeds packet, how to troubleshoot termination hurdles for different seed varieties, botanical coloring pages for kids, and much more.

We are adding to it every week and there is a lot coming down the pipeline. It's all free for you guys to enjoy. If you have any ideas or would like to see something, leave a comment so we could put it on the list.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog.

We appreciate you visiting the site, and checking out our blog. When we say we are growing all of these with you guys, we truly mean it. If you have any germination issues, we are here to help.

Leave a comment if you have any questions, or ideas for the resources page. We also do have Facebook and Instagram where we advertise giveaways, sales, gardening tips, and tricks, etc.

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Updated: Jul 13

Pumpkin Patch update!

There's a lot growing on! We transplanted all of our pumpkins at the beginning of June due to the winter storm in May. We are growing all of our heirlooms as usual but we are growing some exciting hybrids so we can update our photos and videos. The hybrids include Blaze F1, Hooligan F1, Gooligan F1, Black Kat F1, Casperita F1, Orangerita F1, Mint Prince F1, Jade Knight F1, Colorado Sunset F1, and Dark Knight F1, Sleepy Jack F1, Specter F1, and many more. We are also growing more Thai Rai Kaw Tok and Yokohama so we will have fresh stock after October.

We will showcase more of our pumpkins in the July update. :)

Sunflowers Galore!

We are wanting to update photos and videos for all of our sunflowers this year so we are growing all of the following: Earthwalker, Lemon Eclair, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Blonde, Butter Cream, Pinot Noir, Plumb, Teddy Bear, Mammoth Sunflower and Chocolate Cherry.

Harvest time!

We are in zone 5a,b so we are always behind some other folks in the warmer zones, but so far we have been able to enjoy cabbage, kale, several kinds of lettuces, radishes, and kohlrabi.

Yedikule Lettuce, Boston Bibb, Big Boston, Bronzed Beauty, Oak Leaf, Blond Paris Island, and Romaine.

Early Purple and Early White Kohlrabi

Organic Red Russian Kale, Merlot Lettuce, French Breakfast Radishes, Caramel Spinach, Mayan Jaguar Lettuce, Bloomsdale Lettuce, Red Cherry Radish, and Bok Choy.

Other Growings on...

Some volunteer wildflowers, a volunteer tomatillo plant, money plant seedlings, a birds & bees wildflower mix, and our tomato garden.

Local Wildlife...

We have garter snakes all over the place. We love these little guys as they help with the bad bugs, and they deter rodents. They love the water and we always try to keep a dish of fresh water for them in the garden.

We will have more updates soon! We like to remind everyone we are home-based so while we don't have a physical location for folks to visit, we enjoy sharing our blog so you can see our operation and what we have grown. One of our goals is to procure a piece of land where we will be able to grow more varieties and have everyone come visit us.

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