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Wholesale Program: Unlock Your Pumpkin Growing Potential!

We appreciate your interest in our Wholesale Program at Blue Pumpkin Seed Co., a fantastic opportunity for our esteemed customers to gain access to our premium pumpkin seeds at discounted rates. This program has been meticulously designed with our cherished smaller farms and growers in mind, particularly those dedicated to cultivating pumpkins for local markets and stands as well as our larger farms. To qualify, certain minimum order amounts may be necessary.


Our primary goal with this initiative is to empower small business owners by helping them maximize their profits while providing a wide array of pumpkin seed varieties to choose from. If you're a hobbyist gardener or maintain a cozy backyard garden, we encourage you to explore our lower seed count options. 


For our larger producers, we are implementing larger seed counts. Larger seed counts to include a discounted rate. 

We're committed to nurturing gardens and farms of all sizes, and we can't wait for you to experience the benefits of our Wholesale Program (A valid EIN number is required to apply).

Our Focus: Pumpkins First, Expansion Ahead

We will be offering larger seed counts at discounted rates on our pumpkin seed varieties first. We will roll out larger seed quantities over the next growing season.  

How to Get Started: Fill Out Our Application

To be considered for a wholesale account, we kindly ask you to provide us with some essential information about your growing situation so we can get a feel for your business and your needs.  We also need to collect information about your business and tax exemption documentation per the applicable agencies. Please begin by filling out the application below, and we will get back to you shortly. In order to qualify for tax exemption, you must provide a valid EIN number. We are required to keep this on file per the IRS. (We do not and will never sell any information to any 3rd parties.)

Please Submit Your Wholesale Application for Review

We are excited to grow with you!

Thanks for submitting, we'll Be In Touch Soon!
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