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Brian L.

Next Level Gardening  / Next Level Homestead

When we embarked on our gardening journey, we eagerly delved into the vast realm of gardening knowledge, relying heavily on the invaluable resources provided by Next Level Gardening. Brian, the brilliant mind behind the channel, graces us with concise, simple, and to-the-point videos that overflow with precious insights beneficial to both budding and seasoned gardeners alike. Since our humble beginnings in 2020, Brian has stood as one of our staunchest supporters, guiding us every step of the way.

For a treasure trove of tutorials, enlightening garden updates, and a wealth of helpful tips and tricks to bolster your garden's prosperity, we highly recommend paying a visit to Brian's illustrious Youtube Channel. There, you'll find an abundance of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

Not content with solely sharing his wisdom through videos, Brian has also penned a remarkable book entitled "Companion Planting for Beginners." This literary masterpiece equips you with the skills to utilize the power of companion planting, employing other plants to fend off detrimental insects and pests, conserve water, and enhance the overall growing conditions of your garden.

Immerse yourself in Brian's world of horticultural expertise, and unlock the potential of your garden like never before. With his guidance, you'll be well on your way to cultivating a thriving and harmonious ecosystem right in your own backyard.

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Sunshine & Flora

Christina owns Sunshine and Flora in Holstein, IA. Christina's knowledge of flower varieties, fresh-cut flower arrangements, and growing flowers is exceptional. In addition to selling flowers at her local markets, Christina also grows several pumpkin varieties to sell as well. Christina grows several varieties and has a great knowledge of what vines produce the best yields, and which varieties are best sellers. She also has an informative Youtube channel where you can follow her gardening journey and see what she is selling at her local markets. Christina has been supportive as she has featured several varieties of our pumpkin seeds on her Youtube Channel. 


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Gregory Shelton

Historic Living Modern World

Greg reached out to us to showcase our company on his YouTube channel. Upon meeting him, we quickly discovered a shared passion for pumpkins, Halloween, and gardening. What sets Greg apart is his extensive travel across the United States, capturing captivating content for his channel. From highlighting artisan bakeries and soap making to showcasing mouthwatering recipes and exciting motorcycle adventures, his videos cover a wide range of subjects. However, one of Greg's most awe-inspiring features is his breathtaking garden, which he transforms into a vibrant pumpkin patch every year. He particularly favors our rare, Asian, and blue varieties of pumpkin seeds, carefully selecting and cultivating them. Additionally, Greg organizes an annual Ghost Tour for Poplar Hall, further demonstrating his dedication to the Halloween spirit. We thoroughly enjoy watching Greg's travels as he uncovers interesting and unique locations and introduces us to talented artisans from all corners of the country.

(302) 598-3087

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Genderwood Farm

Urban Gardening

Genderwood Farm, helmed by an extraordinary couple who is passionate about gardening, plays a pivotal role in our social media expansion and website visibility. Beyond leveraging their influential social media presence to promote our seed products, they also cultivate unique and exotic seed varieties sourced from different companies. Nestled within their captivating L.A. garden, which is home to not only remarkable botanical treasures but also their two wonderful children and a charming entourage of five dogs, Genderwood Farm holds a special place in our hearts. We eagerly anticipate the delightful garden photos and videos they share, each one a testament to their passion and dedication.

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