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From a very young age, we have always loved growing our own food and watching plants grow. What had started out as a school project had evolved into a lifelong passion. When we were in elementary school, we were learning about germination. Our teachers had us wrap pinto beans in a damp paper towel and after a few days, we watched them sprout. The thought that a plant or a tree can grow out of a tiny seed still holds our amazement to this day. 

We had started a few gardens a few years ago, and we began to collect seeds from heirloom varieties of plants we had grown. We started our small company and have been growing ever since. We reach out to various family seed farms, local seed farms, and seed exchanges to procure our inventory. We believe sustainably sourced seeds are best for the environment, and for the garden. Our goal is to expand, to have our own seed packets printed out with our own artwork, and to give back to the community. 

We are passionate about heirloom, organic, and hybrid pumpkin varieties. We are always keeping up to date on new varieties being developed, as well as forgotten or rare heirlooms that are experiencing a resurgence. In addition to our vast array of pumpkin seeds, we also offer exciting hybrid and heirloom varieties of various fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We continually seek out exciting new seeds for folks to try. 

We hope you are excited about the selection, and you get to experience the same joy we do every year when we grow several of them. Gardening should be an adventure, and nature has a lot to offer. 

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