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Hardiness/Growing Zones


Click on the button, you will be redirected to the learning library. Enter your zip code where it's requested to find your zip code. Close out of the new window when you are done to return back to this page. 

Many folks may wonder when they can either start sowing seeds or transplanting outside or when to start seeds indoors. This map is to serve as a reference to find out what the hardiness zone is. Follow the instructions above to find out your gardening/hardiness zone. Once you find out your zone, click on the button below and enter your zone into the Farmer's Almanac website to see what your anticipated first and last frost dates are. You want to transplant or direct sow AFTER your first anticipated frost date. If you are starting indoor seed starts, count backward 1-6 weeks from your last anticipated frost date to see when to start your seeds, depending on the variety. 

When to direct sow seeds or transplant outdoors. 

Growing Season Length

The above button should also give you your growing season length. This will allow you to see if you have time to grow certain varieties. For example, pumpkins take around 90 days to mature. If you are starting them at the beginning of the growing season that has 150 days, you know you have plenty of time. If you get a late start by 30 days, you still have 120 days to grow them. This means you are still ok to plant your seeds. If you have a later start by 80 days, this leaves you 70 days left to start pumpkins (Growing season 150 days - the late start of 80 days = 70 days). You know with 70 days remaining you wouldn't have time to start your pumpkins. 

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