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Our Seed Packets Get An Eco-Friendly Artistic Upgrade (and We Couldn't Have Done It Without You!)

Updated: Mar 9

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Hello, fellow gardeners and seed enthusiasts! We have some incredibly exciting news to share. After years of careful planning and saving, we're finally making a big change to how we package our seeds. Say goodbye to our generic tiny plastic bags and hello to our new stunning, custom-designed envelopes!

The Importance of Your Support

Before we dive into the details, we want to take a moment to thank you, our amazing customers. Your unwavering support is what made this dream a reality. As our seed company has grown over the years, we've been able to reinvest in our business, including the purchase of our very own commercial printer. This opens up a world of creative possibilities: i.e printing our own envelopes, printing custom envelopes for customer's special events (weddings, parties, etc.) packaging our own hand blended teas (coming soon), printing our own catalogs (also coming soon), and much more!

Our Vision: Watercolor Wonders

We believe seeds come with a promise of beauty and abundance. That's why we wanted our new packaging to reflect those values. Our envelopes will feature unique, eye-catching illustrations crafted with a blend of digital and traditional watercolor techniques. Think lush botanical details with a soft, artistic touch.

Our vision is to set ourselves apart from competing seed companies in retail spaces and to add an extra touch of magic to our customer's gardening experience. Growing seeds should be exciting and adventurous, we are hoping our new envelopes will capture those feelings.

The Design Journey (We Want Your Input!)

While the designs aren't completely finalized yet, I'm getting close! I've sent out a couple dozen so far so we could receive feedback. Since we'll be printing the envelopes ourselves, we have incredible flexibility. This means we can easily incorporate your feedback, ideas, and suggestions during the design process. Do you prefer the thin stripe on the bottom or the thicker one? Do you like the colors, or the layout? Let us know your thoughts.

The back of our seed packet with growing information
Information on the back will include the botanic name, weight, type of utilization for the pumpkin, general information, disease info, maturity days, etc.

Starting with Pumpkins, Then Expanding

Our pumpkin varieties are some of our biggest sellers, so that's where we'll begin our envelope revamp! Expect to see those gorgeous gourds in their newly designed packaging first. I'll continue working through our other seed varieties over the next couple of years, transforming our entire collection.

Stay Tuned & Get Involved

I hope you're as excited about the new envelopes as I am. I will continue to work on them in between completing orders. I'll also share updates as new designs become available. And remember, please leave a comment below with any thoughts and feedback you have.

Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, or feedback.