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Changes and Growth: Blue Pumpkin Seed Co. Update

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates and completed projects from our seed shop. As a one-person team, I've been hard at work to bring you an even more diverse and user-friendly platform. I was able to complete about 70% of what I needed to get done, but I will continue to work hard throughout December to get more completed. Let's dive into the details of what's been done.

1. **Blue Pumpkin Seed Co: Variety Expansion: 90 New Varieties Added!

In our relentless pursuit of providing you with the finest seeds, I'm delighted to announce the addition of 90 new varieties to our collection. This includes an array of pumpkin, flower, herb, and vegetable seeds that are sure to add a pop of color to your garden. I've also added some new additions including Salsify and Tabaco (coming soon) Stay tuned, as I still have 36 varieties left to be listed!

A pile of Spark F1 pumpkins
Ou new arrivals section featuring the Spark F1 pumpkin as the main image.

2. **Seed Count Customization And Vine Type Addition

To cater to your unique gardening needs, I've made adjustments to the seed counts across the majority of our new varieties. I've added smaller counts (5 seeds) and larger counts (50, and 100) Please bear with me as this is a big project and I'm wearing all the hats for now, so bear with me while I work on extending this customization to our remaining pumpkin seeds.

I've also begun to add the different vine habits in the information section of each of our pumpkin, summer squash, and winter squash varieties. I know this will help you determine what to container, what to trellis, or what to grow in a more limited space. A lot of the new ones include this, I will continue to add this information to the other seed varieties over December. I will also be adding a disease-resistant section to each seed variety, this is also a project that will take some time, but I will work on it one variety at a time as I update information.

Our Tiger Stripe F1 product with it's new layout.
One of our seeds varieties with the new layout./

3. **Website Visual Overhaul

To create a more visually appealing and seamless browsing experience, I've refreshed some of our site images and added smoother transitions. I also changed the layout of the items screen to a more organized layout for each product. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked, but I will continue to add enhancements while the site remains open.

A screenshot of new seed quantities for Blue Pumpkin Seed Co.
A screenshot of the new seed quantities we will be offrering.

4. **Changes in Canadian Shipping

We understand the importance of smooth shipping processes, especially for our Canadian customers. Due to the complexities involved in Canadian customs, Canada Post requirements, and tax regulations, we've made a strategic decision. Canadian customers are now directed to our Etsy site for ordering seeds.

Our new link for our Canadian customers to visit.
A link at the top of our page redirecting Canadian customers to our Etsy site.

A ne icon in our banner at the top of our site for our Canadian customers.
A 2nd link in our banner at the top of our site for our Canadian customers to click on to reach our Etsy site.

5. **Why Etsy?

Navigating Canadian customs, import taxes, harmonization numbers, provincial taxes, and varying tax rates for different provinces is no small feat. Unfortunately, our current website platform (WIX) lacks the customization capabilities required to comply with these intricate Canadian tax regulations.

By partnering with Etsy, we can ensure that all the necessary paperwork and tax obligations are met efficiently, as Etsy does all this for us. While we do incur Etsy fees, it's a more cost-effective solution than hiring a bookkeeper to handle these complexities individually. Every variety we offer on our website, we offer on Etsy with the exception of some seed varieties varieties that are considered noxious and are prohibited on the Etsy platform.

In essence, this shift to Etsy for Canadian orders allows us to focus on what we do best—providing you with top-quality seeds and exceptional service—while ensuring a hassle-free experience for our Canadian customers. Links are provided for our Canadian customers to visit our Etsy site to order seeds.

A screen shot of the main page of Blue Pumpkin  Seed Co. on Etsy.
A screenshot of the main page of our Etsy shop.

6. **Clearance Extravaganza: Making Room for New Seed Varieties

Our cozy haven may be small, but it's bursting with possibilities. We operate out of a 10' x 15' temperature and humidity-controlled finished shed, with limited space. To make way for exciting new varieties, we've put a lot of our inventory on clearance. Check out each section on our site for incredible deals on quality seeds – it's a win-win as you get fantastic seeds, and we make space for what's next!

A screenshot of an advertisement for Blue Pumpkin Seed Co.
An advertisement for our clearance sale.

7. **Catalogs: A Project in the Pipeline

I've heard your requests for printed catalogs, and it's a project close to my heart. However, printing costs are substantial, and I'm working out the logistics. To make printing cost-effective for us, we would need to print a large volume of catalogs, more than what we anticipate sending out. I have started working on a pdf. version that will be available for download on the site in the future.

A blank catalog.
Progress on our catalog at this moment....

8.**Donations and Free Seeds: Growing to Give Back

While I'm not yet at the stage to provide free seeds on request, I'm actively working to grow our operations. Currently, I'm proud to support two local libraries – The Manitou Public Library in Manitou, Colorado, and Pikes Peak Library in Colorado Springs. If you're in need, check with your local library; many have seed banks willing to share the joy of gardening.

The Manitou Public Library in Manitou, Co.
The front of the Manitou Public Library in Manitou Colorado.

The front of the Pike Peak Library in Colorado Springs, Co.
The front of the Pike Peak Library in Colorado Springs, Co.

9.**Wholesale Dreams: A Work in Progress

Building a wholesale mini-site has been on my radar, but the journey has its challenges. Despite my efforts with WIX, a dedicated wholesale option is proving elusive. To streamline wholesale orders, I'm offering higher seed counts at discounted rates. Tax-exempt? Click on the wholesale option on our website, fill out the form, and let's grow together.

The wholesale main page on
The wholesale main page on our website.

10.**Artistic Touch: Watercolor Illustrations for a Seed Packet Project

In the vast world of seeds, standing out is key. My enormous seed packet project is in the works, albeit a couple of years away. Bright watercolor illustrations will adorn our packets, a choice inspired by the desire to captivate attention, especially in the competitive retail space.

A used pan of watercolors.

11.**Educational Endeavors: Seeds of Knowledge

The journey of gardening is filled with learning, and I'm committed to enhancing your knowledge. While time constraints have hindered immediate progress, I'm still working on expanding the free/learning section of our site. Stay tuned for valuable resources to nurture your green thumb.

Progress on our learning section of
Progress on our learning section of our website.

12. **YouTube Chronicles: "How to Start Seeds" Series

Videos speak louder than words. My YouTube channel is set to feature a series on "How to Start Seeds." From mimosa pudica to coffee, strawberries, lavender, and more, each video will guide you through the intricacies of growing different seed types. I had run out of time to complete the videos, but this upcoming gardening season is the perfect time for me to work on these as I start our seeds.

Videos featured on Blue Pumpkin Seed Co.'s Youtube page.
Some of the videos on our Youtube Page.


Collaborating with partners across diverse social media platforms has been a learning journey. While the experience has been enriching, we've noticed that the anticipated returns, particularly through the use of provided promo codes, haven't met our expectations (negative ROI). Moving forward, we'll be offering gift cards based on the number of customers who navigate to our site through mentions made by our valued collaborators. We will offer an initial gift card (value depending on the number of followers). For every mention, we will offer additional gift cards calculated by the visitors who use the code. Equally, we can also discuss fees or sponsorships. It's our way of cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship. To enhance the collaborative spirit and express our gratitude for your support, we're introducing a fresh approach. and acknowledging the impact your engagement brings to our community.

In Conclusion:

Thank you for taking the time to explore the latest chapter in our seed-filled journey. Your engagement, curiosity, and support are the nutrients that nourish the growth of Blue Pumpkin Seed Co. I'm immensely grateful for your patience and understanding during our brief closure in November.

Running a small business is a labor of love, and I'm truly fortunate to have your unwavering support. As I navigate the seasons, I wear many hats – from fulfilling orders to counting and labeling seeds, tending to the garden, managing finances, overseeing our online presence across various platforms, and answering messages on FB, IG as well as several emails and messages on the website. It's a year-round endeavor, and your encouragement fuels my passion for what I do.

During the busy season, I'm fortunate to have a helping hand, but the off-season is a solo act, and I embrace each task with dedication and enthusiasm. Your understanding of the intricacies involved in every aspect of this venture means the world to me.

As I move forward, I invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. Your feedback is a crucial compass that guides our growth. Whether it's a seed variety you'd love to see, insights on our content, or any other ideas, your voice matters.

In the garden of Blue Pumpkin Seed Co., every seed planted is a shared endeavor. Thank you for being a vital part of our community. Let's continue cultivating this green dream together.

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