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Donations & Free seed requests

Thank you for your interest in our seed company. Due to the high volume of requests we get for donations and free seeds /seed samples, we wanted to create this page as a resource to educate and to help redirect you to the right resources.  

Our seed farm

Growing our own heirloom seeds is a labor of love and an essential endeavor for preserving our agricultural heritage and promoting sustainable farming practices. As a small family-owned seed company and registered seed farm with the CDOA, we are committed to maintaining seed purity and engaging in long-term planning to ensure a lasting seed supply for our customers throughout the season. Despite facing challenges due to limited quantities, our dedication allows us to overcome these obstacles.


We recognize that many individuals are experiencing hardships, and we empathize with their struggles. However, it's important to note that we, as a family and a small seed company, also encounter the same challenges and hardships expressed by others. Our aim is to support our community to the best of our ability.


If you are in need of donations or free seeds, we recommend reaching out to larger seed companies that receive government stipends and possess a larger inventory available for donations. Additionally, you can locate a seed library in your area, which provides free seeds to families in need. These seed libraries can be found in every state, and your local library might also have a seed library with a variety of seeds to choose from.


We actively support local non-profits and community seed farms in our area by donating any surplus seeds we have. Additionally, we foster collaborations with other growers and small seed farms through seed swapping, allowing us to acquire new varieties that we can offer for sale in our shop. While we currently prioritize our growth and expansion, we have a keen interest in expanding our donations in the future. However, due to our current limitations, we are unable to engage in significant donation efforts at this time.


Respectfully, we are not able to respond to any messages or emails requesting free seeds. 

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