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Donations & Free seed requests

Thank you for your interest in our seed company. Due to the high volume of requests we get for donations and free seeds /seed samples, we wanted to create this page as a resource to educate and to help redirect you to the right resources.  

Our seed farm

Growing our own heirloom seeds is not only a labor of love but also a vital step towards preserving our agricultural heritage and ensuring sustainable farming practices. While we face challenges due to limited quantities, our dedication to seed purity and long-term planning ensures that our seed supply lasts throughout the season for our customers. We are not only a small family-owned seed company, but a seed farm, registered with the CDOA. What we grow must be available for customers throughout the season.  Any surplus of seeds we have are donated to community gardens and non-profit organizations in Colorado Springs, where we are located.

While we understand folks may be going through hardships, we are also facing many of the same challenges that others have expressed to us. 

If you are in need of donations or free seeds, you can contact larger seed companies as they receive stipends from the government and have a larger inventory to donate. You can also locate a seed library in your area using the contact below. Seed libraries provide free seeds to families in need and they are located in every state. Your local library may also have a seed library of seeds to choose from. 

Respectfully, we are not able to respond to any messages or emails requesting free seeds. 

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