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New and exciting things we are working on 2024 & new pumpkin seed varieties are on the way!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

We're excited to share with you some of the new and exciting things we have been working on to better serve our valued customers, whether you're a hobby gardener, a professional gardener, or a small commercial farm or business.

Several pumpkins are on sale at a pumpkin patch.
Iron Kettle Farm, NY.

Wholesale account for our small business customers

One of the things we have noticed through our Etsy shop and website is that we have a growing number of small commercial farms and businesses making frequent or larger purchases from us, mainly pumpkins. To cater to their needs, we are in the process of creating a separate mini-site where we will offer seeds in larger quantities at discounted rates. For those who are eligible, there will be a brief but simple application process for you to access the new site. We understand the importance of affordability for our customers, and this wholesale option will provide them with the opportunity to access our seeds in bulk. We run off of Wix and this is something they are working on, but it's not a feature they offer. We have expressed our interest in the feature and are working with Wix to offer this to our customers.


A packet of carrot seeds.
We are working on new seed packets for our online orders and retail outlets.

Seed Envelopes

In addition to the wholesale option, we are also working on getting envelopes made specifically for our seeds. We understand that packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of the seeds during transit. This has proven to be the biggest project yet as we would like each seed to have its own unique instructions and illustration/image. By finding the most affordable rate for printing envelopes, we aim to keep costs low for both us and our customers, without compromising on the protection of the seeds.


A houseplant next to a window.
New pumpkin seed varieties coming soon!

New pumpkin seed varieties are on the way

We were able to secure a connection with a seed farm that offers a large unique variety of pumpkin seeds that we don't offer yet. We are in the process of adding several new varieties by January 2024.


An online filter for different pumpkin seeds.
A filter will help to narrow down our large selection of pumpkin seeds for an easier shopping experience.

Filters to help narrow down shopping choices

To enhance the browsing experience on our website, we are implementing some filters, with a primary focus on our pumpkin page. These filters will allow customers to search for pumpkin seeds based on type (carving, pie, ornamental), colors (black, pink, blue, white, etc.), and shape (stacker, mini, small, medium, large, giant, etc.). This will make it easier for you to find the perfect pumpkin seeds for your specific needs and preferences.


The Ash Hollow Tea Logo.
Ash Hollow Tea Co. is our sister company, we are looking into offering loose leaf teas on our site as well.

Loose leaf teas

While we have our hands full with these exciting projects, we also run a small tea shop on Etsy, where we sell hand-blended teas using some of the flowers and herbs we grow in our garden. We have considered offering loose-leaf teas through our seed shop. If this is something you would be interested in, please let us know, we are open to your input and ideas.


We understand that we have been short-staffed lately due to family circumstances, but we want to assure you that fulfilling your orders is always our top priority. After that, we dedicate our time to nurturing our garden and ensuring the quality of our seeds. While we may not always be as active on social media during these busy periods, rest assured that we are working diligently to get everyone's seeds out in a timely manner.

Your input and feedback are incredibly important to us. We value your ideas, suggestions, and the seed varieties you are looking for. Whether it's changing to the website or potential blog ideas, we are always eager to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below and let us know how we can further improve our products and services to better serve you.

Thank you for being a part of the Blue Pumpkin Seed Company community. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, gardening tips, and news in our future blog posts. Happy growing!

Comment on any site changes, seeds, or products you would be interested in seeing. Is there a seed you are looking for that we don't offer? If we offered loose-leaf teas would it be something you would be interested in? Is there something on our website that can be improved?


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