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A pile of Sunshine F1 pumpkins.

Sunshine F1 Pumpkin seeds

**Standard and treated seeds available, see our other listing for treated seeds.


Sunshine F1 pumpkin seeds produce stunning butter-colored pumpkins that will be the star of your fall decorations. But the beauty doesn't stop there! These pumpkins hold their vibrant color long after picking, creating a dazzling display that lasts.


Sunshine F1 pumpkins are just as delicious as they are attractive. Their flesh boasts a delightful sweetness similar to classic acorn varieties, making them perfect for pies, roasting, soups, and any recipe that calls for a touch of pumpkin magic.


Their vigourous vines are high yeilding and will reward you with abundant harvests. They're easy to grow, making them ideal for both seasoned gardeners and those just starting out. Get ready to experience the joy of growing your own delicious and decorative pumpkins!

  • Botanic name:

    C. spp

  • Plant spacing:

    72 - 96" apart

    24 - 36" in row

  • Color:

    A festive pale buttery yellow color

  • Sowing depth:


  • Sun requirements:


  • Utilization:

    Embrace the magic of fall with Sunshine F1 pumpkins! These eye-catching, butter-yellow pumpkins will illuminate your autumn decor – and their vibrant color lasts long after harvest. Beyond their beauty, Sunshine F1 pumpkins boast a sweet, acorn-like flavor, making them the perfect ingredient for cozy pies, roasted side dishes, warming soups, or any recipe that needs a touch of