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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Do you do seed donations?
    Although we get frequent requests for donations, we are not able to do so at this time. Since many of our seeds come from what we grow, quantities are limited and we sustain our business off of what we grow. Our goal is to grow and expand to where we can offer donations to community gardens, food banks, seed libraries, etc. If you need donations, please click the button to locate a seed library near you.
  • What's the difference between treated and non-treated seeds?
    Non-treated seeds are normal standard seeds that have been harvested, cleaned, and dried. Treated sees are processed the same way, but go through an additional step that involves the seed being coated with a bright colored sulfur based fungicide. This prevents disease on the seeds and also keeps the plant healthier as it grows. Plants grown from treated seeds are safe for consumption, safe for beneficial insects, and pollinators. Since they are coated with a fungicide, they can disrupt both good and bad fungus in the soil. The soil will rebalance after the growing season has ended.
  • Can I used regular soil from outside instead of potting soil or seed starter mix?
    You can but it's not advised. In the summer, flies, gnats, aphids, etc lay eggs in the soil. Once you bring outside soil in your house, you may find yourself with a small bug infestation or diseased seedlings. Soil from outdoors also lacks the significant ability to retain moisture when starting seeds. You will want to use potting mix, coco coir, or seed starting mix.
  • When can I start my plants indoors?
    A good rule of thumb for most varieties is 2 weeks before your last frost date. When you become familiar with different varieties, you will find you can start them even sooner as they take a bit to grow. Melons, chilis, and tomatoes can take a bit to get going. To find your frost dates, click the button below.
  • Do the seeds come with instructions?
    Yes, all seeds will include growing instructions.
  • How do I know when to plant my seeds?
    Depending on the type of seeds you have, times may vary. The U.S has different gardening zones. These zones help to let people know how long their growing season is. For example, AK is in zone 1 so gardening season is non existant. People in Florida can almost grow things all year long since the climate is so warm. The map below will let you know what zone you are in. Using your zone, you can visit the Farmer's Almanac website and enter your zone or zip code. The site will let you know how many months long your growing season is. If you have a variety of pumpkin that takes 3 1/2 months to grow but you have a growing season that is about 2 1/2 months, that variety may not be ideal for growing in your area. You could cheat and start it inside and transplant once it gets warm to give it a head start. Be mindful that some varieties of vegetables may have a shorter maturity date, and you could get away with growing them in your area. Some varieties of peppers, tomatoes, squash, etc. will have a 75 day maturity date, versus anther type having a 100 day maturity date. Researching will show you what varieties grow best in your area.
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Since we grow many of our own seeds, we are not able to offer seeds for sale in bulk as we are limited in quantities. We do sell seeds prepackaged for retailers who express interest in a wholesale account with us.
  • My package is showing as delivered, where is it?"
    We have experienced several situations where a package may show up as delivered but actually ends up showing up 2-7 days later. We ask that you are patient during this time to see if it arrives. When we put the packages in the mailbox, USPS takes over. We are not able to talk to the mailman on your route, USPS won't give us this information. If your package is missing, please try to contact USPS as they can provide you with more information since the package was coming to your area. You may even request the GPS location of the driver during the scan to see if the location of the drop-off was correct. The button below will give you the option to file a missing package report or to get assistance.
  • Why don't you ship overseas?
    We've run into several hurdles with shipping overseas. Many times customs prohibit seeds from being shipped from the U.S. Other times, expensive certificates must be obtained and or shipped with orders that would increase the cost of shipping and goods significantly. These certificates make sense for wholesale orders but would not be advantageous for retail orders. We have had several packages held and detained at customs (especially in the U.K.). While the U.K. is no longer part of the E.U., customs are still unclear that seeds can be sent from the U.S. Due to the confusion, we have had to issue several refunds and have decided to no longer offer shipping to the U.K.
  • Why is shipping to Canada so expensive?
    Once a package crosses into Canada, Canadian Post adds several customs & import fees. These include a fee known as the GST or Goods & services tax.If these aren't included in the shipping, the package isn't allowed to leave the U.S. For most of Canada, the fees are a 5% increase, Ontario is a 13% GST, and New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are 15% GST. The Canada post is Crowned corporation owned by the federal government, and they regulate the appropriate fees and taxes, we have no control over these. From where we are (Colorado Springs, Co.) to the border of Canada & Michigan, USPS charges approx. $3.81 U.S. Once a package crosses into Canada, the Canadian post adds several customs fees. These include a fee known as the GST or Goods & services tax. If these aren't included in the shipping, the package isn't allowed to leave the U.S. For most of Canada, the fees are a 5% increase, Ontario is a 13% GST, and New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island are 15% GST.
  • Why do you have two logos?
    We started on Etsy and Etsy requires goods to be produced as "handmade". We created our first logo to have a more hand-made type look to accommodate our brand on Etsy. Correspondence and social media may include our Etsy logo or our shop logo. When we are less reliant on Etsy, we will revert to one logo.
  • Why don't you have a phone number?
    We list our number on all the packing slips that come with the orders so customers can reach us with questions. As of the time of typing this, 90% of our business is still through Etsy. When we launched our site, we had folks calling our direct site about their Etsy orders. Etsy requires all communication between sellers and shop owners to be via messaging on Etsy in the event of a dispute, or needed resolution. Once we become less reliant on Etsy, we will post a number on our contact form for folks to call. Please call the number on your direct order from us, we are happy to help. If you ordered from Etsy, please message us on Etsy.
  • I'm in Colorado Springs, can I pick up my order?
    We are currently a home-based business. Everything we grow is on our lot, both front and back. Since this is our family home, we aren't able to allow customers to visit/pick up orders due to zoning codes in our area. We are currently expanding into retail outlets in the Colorado area, and our seeds will be located at retailers soon. Check our list of current retail outlets where you can purchase our seeds. Please visit our blog if you want to see what we are growing and videos of our gardens.
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