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Blue Pumpkin Seed Co Rewards Program 

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What is it?

What is it?

Introducing Blue Pumpkin Seed Company's Loyalty Rewards Program! With every dollar you spend in our store (excluding tax and shipping expenses), you'll accumulate reward points that are promptly credited to and held in your in-store account. You can also earn 200 points for each referral, and 200 additional points for a purchase from your referral. 


Following your purchase, your accumulated reward points will be ready for you to redeem on your next or upcoming orders. As you accrue more points, you may even find yourself covering the entire cost of an order using your accumulated rewards! Enrolling in our Rewards Program is a fantastic method to economize on seeds and other offerings from our store. Sign up today!

Additional Details


  • Customers automatically enroll in the rewards program with their first purchase.

  • Points are earned based on the total purchase amount (excluding tax and shipping costs).

  • Points can be accumulated and redeemed at any time.

  • Discounts can be applied to any product in the store.

  • Customers can track their points and tier status through their online accounts.

  • Points can be redeemed for free shipping, and monetary amounts off the final cart total. *Wholesale accounts are excluded from the rewards program.

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