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Three New England Cheddar Pumpkins on a bed of leaves.

New England Cheddar F1 Pumpkin seeds (Treated)

SKU: L783630

The New England Cheddar F1 pumpkin gives rise to a versatile and high-quality pumpkin variety. These pumpkins are well-suited for a range of culinary applications, including canning and pie-making. The deep orange flesh not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a rich flavor and smooth texture, making them an excellent choice for both preservation and baking.


Beyond their culinary uses, the pumpkins cultivated from these seeds are equally suitable for decorative purposes. Featuring a uniform tan exterior, they present a cohesive and attractive appearance, making them ideal for adorning various settings. Their aesthetic appeal lends itself well to autumn displays, centerpieces, and other decorative arrangements.


One of the distinguishing features of the New England Cheddar pumpkin is its superior dry matter and sugar content when compared to the Long Island Cheese variety. This characteristic ensures a desirable texture in culinary applications and imparts a sweeter taste, elevating the overall quality of dishes.




  • Botanic name:

    C. Spp.

  • Plant spacing:

    4'- 6' apart

  • Color: