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A few bars of Lavender mint bar soap

Lavender Mint Bar Soap

SKU: C387026

Transform your daily shower into an aromatherapy experience with our Lavender Mint bar soap. Infused with pure lavender and peppermint essential oils, this bar soap gently cleanses while promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. The calming lavender helps to soothe irritated skin and promote restful sleep, while the invigorating peppermint provides a cooling sensation and helps to clear the mind. Made with a blend of natural ingredients and moisturizing oils, our Lavender Mint soap leaves your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and delicately scented.

  • Ingredients:

    Saponified Oils (Olive Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter), Lavender Essential Oil, Oatmeal, Peppermint Essential Oil, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide  

  • Bar Size:

     Approx. 3.5" x 2.75" x 1"