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Three large Hulk F1 pumpkins next to hay bales.

Hulk F1 Pumpkin seeds (treated)

Introducing the Hulk F1, a monstrous pumpkin perfect for impressive fall displays and supersized Jack-O-Lanterns! This high-yielding variety produces extra-large, barrel-shaped pumpkins with classic Halloween looks - vibrant orange color and a robust, dark green handle. Weighing in at a whopping 27-32 pounds, the Hulk F1 boasts excellent potential for multiple fruits per plant. Order your Hulk F1 pumpkin seeds today and get ready for a truly memorable pumpkin patch experience!


  • Botanic name:

    C. pepo

  • Plant spacing:

    12-14' apart

    36-72" in row

  • Color:

    Vibrant classic orange color

  • Sowing depth: