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A compote dish filled with Palo Azul tea.

Palo Azul Tea

SKU: A241422

Discover the vibrant energy of Palo Azul, an ancient herbal tea steeped in tradition. Also known as Kidney wood for it's positive effects on the kidneys, Palo Azul is harvested from the arid landscapes of Mexico and the Southwestern United States, this enchanting tea is renowned for its unique, iridescent blue hue that shimmers and changes with the light. As you brew this tea, the water transforms into a mesmerizing shade, hinting at the powerful benefits within.


More than just a beautiful beverage, Palo Azul boasts a rich history in traditional medicine. Revered for its natural diuretic properties, this tea is believed to support kidney health, promote detoxification, and may even offer relief from urinary tract discomfort. Each serving of Palo Azul yields 2-3 pots of tea with consistent strength. Let the gentle warmth and subtle earthy flavor of Palo Azul wash over you, offering a moment of revitalization and natural wellness.


1.5 oz.

  • Flavor Profile:

    • Palo Azul offers a subtle, earthy flavor with a mild sweetness and hints of woodiness.


  • Caffeine Level:

    • Palo Azul is naturally caffeine-free.
  • Steeping Temperature:

    • Temperature: Near-boiling water (approximately 190-205°F / 88-96°C)
  • Steeping Time:

    • 5-10 minutes. Longer st