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Several Autumn Gold pumpkins in a wooden create.

Autumn Gold Bush F1 Pumpkin seeds

Autumn Gold F1 Hybrid, with its striking golden-orange hue, emerges as a radiant gem in the realm of pumpkins. The standard dimensions of this pumpkin typically measure around 8 inches in height and 9 inches in width, creating a beautifully balanced appearance.


This particular variety has been honored as an All-American Selection winner, and for good reason. The vines of Autumn Gold F1 Hybrid exhibit robust growth, extending from 12 to 20 feet.


The thick, medium-orange flesh of Autumn Gold F1 Hybrid presents a delectable and versatile option. While it serves as a vibrant addition to your Halloween decor, it's also perfect for culinary exploits. Whether you're carving spooky faces or crafting delicious pumpkin pies, this pumpkin provides the ideal canvas for your creative and culinary endeavors. This pumpkin variety embodies the spirit of autumn and provides a multitude of possibili