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A few Gold Speck Pumpkins next to a candle.

Gold Speck F1 Pumpkin seeds (treated)

The Gold Speck F1 pumpkin is a delightful addition to any fall harvest! This petite pumpkin variety boasts bright orange, slightly scalloped fruits adorned with charming golden speckles. Perfect for individual servings and festive fall decorations, these pumpkins offer a burst of color and seasonal appeal. Similar to Gold Dust F1, this variety has a similar bush and the pumpkins are even smaller than Jack-Be-Little. The Gold Speck F1 is a prolific yielder, producing abundant fruits on compact, bush-like vines, saving you valuable garden space. Enjoy its sweet flavor in individual pies, or use it as a unique serving bowl for savory soups and dips!

  • Botanic name:


  • Plant spacing:

    72 - 96" apart</