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A wooden spoon filled with Astro Arugula

Astro Arugula seeds

SKU: 336109X

Astro Arugula, a favored arugula variety renowned for its bold and spicy flavor, presents a standard yet exceptional addition to your garden. Its elongated green leaves characterize this fast-growing arugula, showcasing resilience to cold temperatures. For optimal taste and tenderness, harvest Astro Arugula at the baby size stage.


Elevate your salads and meals with a burst of flavor by incorporating this arugula type. Known for its early maturation and heat tolerance, Astro Arugula is a reliable choice for those seeking a peppery kick in their culinary creations. Additionally, delight in the edible flowers it produces – white blooms with dark-pink veins, adding a spicy and nutty essence to salads or vegetable stir-fries. Explore the culinary versatility of Astro Arugula, a popular and vibrant choice for enhancing your garden and culinary experiences alike.


Seed count: Approx. 200