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A large pile of Pink Panther F1 pumpkins next to a pumpkin patch.

Pink Panther F1 Pumpkin seeds (treated)

Pink Panther F1 Pumpkin is an exquisite hybrid variety that yields fruits of a stunning dark pink color that not only enhance fall ornamental displays but are also deliciously flavorful. Blending aesthetics with functionality, Pink Panther stands out as an edible ornamental, providing both visual appeal and culinary versatility.


Occasionally, the fruits may exhibit richer shades of red, adding an extra dimension to their beauty. As a light pink hybrid kabocha squash, it excels in both decoration and dining. The thick, bright orange flesh is of high quality and boasts a delightful sweetness.


With its uniform flattened shape, Pink Panther effortlessly integrates into the top of pumpkin stacks, creating a seamless and eye-catching addition. The full vines consistently set strong yields of fruit, ensuring a bountiful harvest with uniform sizing. Embrace the elegance and versatility of Pink Panther—a pumpkin that truly lives up to its captivating name.