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A hand holding a few Mocha Swirl F1 peppers.

Mocha Swirl F1 Pepper seeds

SKU: 254950K

Mocha Swirl F1 peppers offer exquisite sophistication to your home cultivation. This delectable pepper is perfect for snacking, offering a delightful sweetness. It yields a generous supply of striped fruits that undergo a striking transformation from green-and-white at 50 days to a luscious chocolate-red at 70 days. The compact nature of the plants makes them ideal for smaller spaces and container gardening, ensuring a bountiful harvest in limited areas. The Mocha F1 peppers, a fusion of heat and flavor, offer a delightful sensory experience for culinary enthusiasts. 


Seed count: 10

  • Botanic name:

    Capsicum annuum

  • Plant spacing:

    12"-18" inches 

    24"-36" for rows


  • Color:

    Dark green foliage with peppers ranging from green and white striped to chocolate and red striped depending on when they are picked. The longer they are left on the stem, the more brown and red they become.

  • Sowing depth:

    1/4 inch


  • Sun requirements:

    Full sun


  • Utilization:

    Mocha Swirl F1 pepper's sweet and mildly spicy notes make them perfect for adding depth to savory dishes, such as stews, soups, and sauces. Incor