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A few Flame F1 pumpkins with a white background.

Flame F1 Pumpkin seeds (treated)

Absolutely! Here's a description of the Flame F1 pumpkin:The Flame F1 pumpkin is a true eye-catcher, bringing warmth and vibrancy to any fall display. This mini pumpkin boasts a charming acorn-like shape and a striking color pattern of rich orange with deep yellow stripes. This duality makes it a perfect choice for both ornamental uses and showcasing at farm stands or markets.Don't let its small size fool you – the Flame F1 packs delicious flavor and versatility into its compact form. The sweet flesh is ideal for roasting or baking into delightful fall treats. With its manageable size and easy handling, the Flame F1 is a fun and festive choice for both seasoned gardeners and those trying their hand at pumpkin growing for the first time.