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Grow lots of tomatoes....not leaves

When we started expanding our garden and learning how to grow vegetables on a larger scale, we discovered the internet was a wealth of knowledge. When it came to growing tomatoes specifically, one resource stuck out more than the others.  

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Brian from Next Level Gardening on Youtube uploaded what we consider the holy grail of how to grow tomatoes. With over 10,000,000+ views to date, this video is the most comprehensive video on how to plant, prune, fertilize, and water your tomatoes. He also teaches you how to maximize your yields while combating common pests and diseases. 



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Brian has over 30 years of experience gardening and is the author of "Companion Planting for Beginners". His book covers how to fight pests and diseases, water less, manage weeds, and much more,  all while using companion planting. His Youtube Channel is filled with numerous videos on common gardening topics. Brian's knowledge has been integral to our company's inception and growth, we are confident his knowledge will help others as much as it has helped us.


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**This link will re-direct you to where you can purchase Brian's book. All proceeds go to Next Level Gardening.


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