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Giving Back

In addition to gardening, we are passionate about other causes as well. We make an effort to contribute what we can to organizations and companies we believe in. This includes monetary contributions, fundraising, or volunteer work. We love supporting our local community and organizations that are able to help others. 

Believe Big

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Believe Big has helped thousands of patients move through the overwhelming process of cancer by bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. Believe Big not only helps patients survive but thrive. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Believe Big provided us hope when we were told there was none. We absolutely love to Believe Big and support everything they do. 

Colorado Bullies and More

We are huge dog lovers. We are on our 3rd rescue, and we are huge advocates of adopting pets in need. Our latest rescue Lima is an American Staffordshire Terrier. She has become an exemplary pet, and we have never seen a dog more obedient, loyal, and intelligent. Lima is a shining example of what amazing dog bully breeds can be. Colorado Bullies & More helps find homes for not only bully breeds, but other breeds as well. We love what this organization does for pups and we are extremely grateful for the work they do. 

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Urban Rescue Ranch

Several of you may be familiar with 


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