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Partial Eclipse squash on a table.

Partial Eclipse F1 Squash seeds

SKU: PE0065

Partial Eclipse is a recent hybrid making waves in the market, garnering attention for its unique beauty, kitchen versatility, and impressive resistance to powdery mildew. Sporting an elongated scallop shape, this bush-style squash delivers tenderness and creaminess when harvested at a smaller size. During trials, it demonstrated remarkable productivity, yielding a bountiful harvest.


The magic unfolds after the squash reaches approximately 4 inches in diameter, as colors evolve. When picked young, it boasts a pale white hue, evolving into a striking cream color with green mottling if allowed to reach full maturity on the vine.


Seed count: 10

  • Botanic name:


  • Plant spacing:

    4 feet apart

  • Color:

    Ivory-cream color with dark green mottling

  • Sowing depth:

    1 inch

  • Sun requirements:

    Full sun

  • Utilization:

    This tender gem can be enjoyed in mixed vegetable stir fries, backed and stuffed, or chopped up raw in salads. 

  • Frost hardy:


  • Maturity days:

    50-60 days

  • Life cycle:


  • Can I start indoors:


  • Container friendly:


  • Other names:


  • Vine Habit: