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Honey Moon F1 Pumpkin seeds

Honey Moon F1 Pumpkin seeds

SKU: 1958800

The Honey Moon F1 variety distinguishes itself with its resplendent dark cream color, showcasing remarkable durability that resists discoloration. This pumpkin boasts a vigorous yet controlled vine, forming a protective canopy that shields the fruit, ensuring it maintains its pristine appearance.


Not just a garden staple, the Honey Moon F1 pumpkin stands tall as a versatile centerpiece. Whether showcased on its own or nestled in mixed bins, its commanding presence elevates any display. The round shape, coupled with medium ribbing, adds a textural dimension that enhances its aesthetic appeal.




  • Botanic name:

    C. moschata

  • Plant spacing:

    4'-6' apart

  • Color:

    Bright green foilage with a dark cream colored exterior. 

  • Sowing depth:

    1 inch


  • Sun requirements:

    Full sun


  • Utilization:

    Honey Moon F1 pumpkin functions best as an ornamental pumpkin. This high yeilding variety that will product pumpkins that are ideal for pumpkin stands and markets. 

  • Frost hardy:


  • Maturity days:

    100-110 days

  • Life cycle:


  • Can I start indoors:


  • Container friendly:

    Not recommended

  • Other names:


  • Vine Habit:

    Restricted vine

  • Weight:

    8-10 lbs.